Extremely helpful and honest about what work they can provide. They know what they're doing with any car whether it's your daily drive or your high performance track car. Would highly recommend.  - Robyn from Brisbane

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Racing Evolution Car Servicing


Need a part that no one makes?

Whether you need a custom part for your race car, drag car, drift or performance road car, our fabrication team can produce custom one off parts in stainless steel, mild steel, or aluminium. We can also make parts for your race vehicle from titanium or carbon fibre.

Why does it just keep breaking?

Road cars and race cars don't always stand up to the challenges we put them through. Our fabrication shop can re-engineer most components to be stronger than the original OE component or we can source aftermarket parts for just about any vehicle.

This weighs a tonne!

Light cars are fast cars, we can fabricate replacement light weight components for that competitive edge, whether your circuit racing, drifting, drag racing, dirt or tarmac rallying, lighter is always better.

If only I could move this out of the way?

Things are not always where we want them, and sometimes we need custom brackets and piping. We can assess your requirements and manufacture a custom solution for your race car or modified road car.

I can't keep this thing cool!

It doesn't matter if its a road car, dragster, open wheeler or rally car, with performance comes heat and often headaches. Racing Evolution can fabricate custom radiators and inter-coolers with ducting to suit the performance and cooling requirements.

Here at Racing Evolution we enjoy the challenge of engineering and fabricating a solution for your performance vehicle. Our fabrication workshop is equipped with the tools required to make this possible including, TIG and MIG welders, lathe and milling machines. We even have a carbon fibre oven for custom made carbon fibre vehicle components and parts.

So give us a call, we love a challenge and were sure you'll be happy with the end result.