Extremely helpful and honest about what work they can provide. They know what they're doing with any car whether it's your daily drive or your high performance track car. Would highly recommend.  - Robyn from Brisbane

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Racing Evolution Car Servicing

Performance Workshop


Racing Evolution has top level mechanics to perform general repairs, servicing and maintenance to your performance vehicle.

We also do engine rebuilding in our air conditioned engine room.


We have a huge range of parts and accessories either in stock or from our wide range of suppliers. Whatever you need for your car, we can probably get it - quickly and cost effectively. We bring our vast parts wholesale suppliers together to provide you the best in automotive performance and upgrade parts.





Buying a performance vehicle

Our experienced mechanics can do a pre-purchase inspection of any vehicle, whether is it is a race ready vehicle or one that needs modification to get it up to your track standard. We list all the faults the vehicle may have and then give you repair cost estimates as well as modification and enhancement suggestions. This way you’ll know whether you can expect the vehicle to perform the way you intend before you part with cold hard cash.


Parts installation

We can source parts, make parts and install parts. Just about anything you can imagine for your race vehicle. And all of our mechanics have race experience as well a years of experience building performance into race ready vehicles.

We can custom fabricate pretty much anything out of steel and aluminum.


Need better Suspension?

Depending on what sort of application your car is designed for (racing, touring, or just highway driving) Racing Evolution can usually get you a better ride. We have access to a wide range of after market and custom made suspension parts and the know-how to find the perfect configuration for your vehicle.